Flea markets are sanctuary where I fish components such as TVs, VHS video cassettes, cameras, and video mixers. Playing with cameras and video mixer Panasonic AVE5 I discovered circuit bending and video feedback in the late 90s. Allowing feedback into the system I manage to create peculiar sounds and videos with psychedelic experiences. Soon I started to use video gaming consoles and use them for everything except for playing video games. Driven by NO LAPTOP VJ principle I would use analog video systems with projectors for live video performances. 

Video Systems (2001 - 2017)

The systems I used the most was a modified Playstation 2. System supports live video mixing with video effects and two player mode. Small and compact video system for live video performance. Video clips are run over a USB port and controlled via wireless joysticks. Goal was to engage the audience in space and create collaborative visuals. I would install the system in rave parties and industrial spaces around former Yugoslavia.  

Skateboardin around my home town I stumble on metal dread guy with which I formed ‘Fa11out’

Fa11out (2009)

In 2007 I formed an audio visual group Fa11out that performed in industrial spaces around leftover Yugoslavia. Exploring glitch as a reflection of human condition in deteriorated societies of post-communist Yugoslavia. Can a glitch be an escape from the collective memory of the war?

Fa11out (2007 - 2018)

Synthesizers were always part of me. Having them was like having private space ship. Video effect processors and video circuit boards as Synthonie AVEmod, Karl Klomp Mods, Javier Plano Videffektor and Jonas Bers CHA/V. Korg Kaoss Entrancer and Space Echo with groove boxe Roland Mc-505 and effect processor Boss TR-303... I prefer oscilloscope.

Jamming with Antuan Sondi Handri

I started pursuing more knowledge and experience of constructing human relations with chaos and technologies. TouchDesigner helped me to easily prototype and build interactive visuals. I started to build audio-visual tools for real time synthesis.

Brooklyn Studios (2018 - 2021)

In 2018 I moved to New York where I became member of The Wooster Group, a contemporary theater company directed by Elizabeth LeCompte. As the head video artist I develop real time interactive video systems and kinetic sculptures for live performances.

The Performing Garage NYC (2019-2021)

Together with video wizard Andrei Jay I set myself into one more adventure to form Phase Space - a makerspace and an experimental multimedia art col

lective based in Brooklyn, NY. We are dedicated to the exploration of video, sound, performance, creative coding, math + science, and interdisciplinary art practices.

Phase Space (2018 - 2021)

I noticed the beauty and power in programming and opportunity to create large-scale organic lifeforms similar to those in nature.These systems have a unique pattern of movement that recur at smaller and smaller scales. Void of recurring narrative. Who discovered the Mandelbrot set? 

Interactive audio visual system presented on 16-th century bridge using Touchdesigner and SuperCollider developed for Street Art Festival in Mostar. Real time autonomous system inspired by mycelium networks produced by eukaryotic organisms.

Nomad life between Bosnia and New York

Future Studio

You can track my current progress
on Hypermosh instagram.