Landforms, 2020, Live A/V, Duration:2h

The Landforms is a cinematic world developed for a live show at Wonderville in New York. The creation of this game required the development of a computer architecture capable of supporting the demanding graphic computations in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second and 16-voice polyphonic sound engine. This was achieved through the utilization of simple 3D models and the implementation of a physically based rendering technique and software for sound synthesis. To ensure optimal performance, two separate computers were utilized during the game, one specifically dedicated to generating graphics and the other to sound synthesis. The two computers were connected through a network to enable real-time, seamless audiovisual compositions.

The game allowed for player interaction through the use of a controller, enabling the creation and manipulation of audiovisual elements in real-time. The generated world can be performce in virtual and on physical surface and installed as a permanent exhibit.