Discovered circuit bending and video feedback in early 2000s with mixer Panasonic AVE5. I repurpose video mixers, VHS cameras and player to perform live. Playstation 2 gaming console is one of the systems I used the most. 

PS24VJ in 2010 

PS24VJ+ (2009) is portable system for live video performance on modified Playstation 2 initilly developed by Pikilipita. Video clips are run over USB port and controlled via wirelles joysticks. Goal was to engage audience in space and create collaborative visuals. System supports video effects and two player mode. 

Last years I used effect processors and video synthesizers as Synthonie AVEmod, Karl Klomp Mods, Javier Plano Videffektor and Jonas Bers CHA/V. Lately I have been using TouchDesigner to generate visuals and build interactive installations. You can track my progress on Hypermosh instagram.

Happy Ravers