Growing with Pentium and Windows 95 was fun. Apple in Computer Magazines from 90s was only dream. I moved to NY in 2018 and twenty some years later I had chance to see it in MoMa museum for the first time. It has unique design. Way better than Apple trashcans nowadays. Soon I find one of the side of the street in Brooklyn. Btw streets in NY are my favorite flea market. Close to one I have back home in Eastern Europe. It was used full of dust. Someone spilled coffee and hair dogs sticked to it. First thing I did, after deep cleaning, was to run MacPain. More I was using I noticed beautiful leaking pattern tool with 36 patterns. 

I give it a try and make digital drawings. 

Ptrns, 2018
60”x 60” cards, sets of 5
Digital Paintings on Apple MacPaint