Electric Volcano, 2018
Static image and hardware video enchancer

Monoskop (2018) is exploration of analog video signal for video installations, performance and music videos.

I repurpose old video hardware found on flea market and build my own to create visual distorsions. Started around 2009 by modding Playstation 2. Later on discovered circuit bending and continue to practice with Panasonic AVE5 / Videonics MX1 and external video signal from VHS videocassette recorders and camcorders.

Last years I built diy electronic circuits as Jonas Bers CHA/V, Synthonie AVEmod, Karl Klomp Mixers and Javier Plano Videffektor. Lately I am using Critter & Guitari ETC and video synthesizers to generate visuals. Goal is to create balance between analog signal and digital computing power. I post my current progress on Monoskop instagram.