Irfan Brković is Yugoslavian born visual artist based in New York. Current member and video at The Wooster Group. Founding member of audio visual collective Fa11out and video lab Phase Space in Brooklyn. His work is recognized internationaly and featured by TouchDesigner and New York Times.

The Wooster Group - The Mother (in production)
The Wooster Group - SICR (2019)
The Wooster Group - A Pink Chair (2019)
The Wooster Group - B-Side (2019)

2019 TouchDesigner Summit, Montreal, Canada
2014 Cinematography with Fred Kelemen, SFF Talent Campus, Sarajevo
2013 Audio Reactive with TouchDesigner, Resonate Festival, Belgrade
2011 BFA Visual and Performing Arts, Tuzla, BiH

+1 929 307 8762